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When an elite officer in the U.S. armed forces proudly goes to fight for his country, he does not think of anything but loyalty to his country. Sometimes, he may spend the best years of his life defending the honor of the country. More about VA forms. He may get himself injured or to the extent that he could even get disabled.

And then these officers might be asked to leave the military as they can no longer serve the nation with that injury or disability. The U.S. government promises to compensate them for their financial loss by providing them tax-free veteran disability benefits.

Did you know which officers are eligible to get such benefits? We have made this information made available for you to guide you during this compensation process.  You may find this useful.


Who can get Elite Veteran Disability Benefits?

The Veteran Disability Benefit or monetary compensation is provided by to any veteran who has been discharged only due to some sort of disability or incapability to work anymore for the U.S. Armed forces. The veteran disability benefits are given for some of the following reasons:

  • If the disability is a result of any disease or injury incurred or aggravated during active military service.
  • At times, this compensation may be provided even for the elite veterans with disability which might be found out post service. The disability may be caused due to certain special circumstances that might have arisen while in service. It could also be because he may have been disabled, but this disability became worse while being in service. The disability compensation in this case is also to cover the time lost due to this illness.
  • If an officer died while on duty like during training, inactive duty training or any other service connected disabilities. The survivors of veterans get something called DIC (Dependency & Indemnity Compensation) from the U.S. government.
  • In case of a specific disability. This is given in special circumstances like loss of a limb or a specific disability where they are in need of an attendant or an aid. In such cases, a Special Monthly Compensation (SMC)which is an additional tax-free benefit can be paid to Veterans, their spouses, surviving spouses and parents.

There are different programs supporting benefits for elite disabled veterans.

 Types of veteran disability benefits available for elite veterans?

The programs available under the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for providing financial, medical and other assistance to veterans are:

VA Disability Compensation:

This benefit is anywhere between $133 to over $3,300 per month. The amount may vary depending on the level of veteran’s disability like loss of limb etc., number of dependents, or if there is any serious health issue with any of their dependents.

VA Travel Reimbursement:

Travel reimbursement can be paid to the veterans for mileage or for a public transportation if they are:

  1. Having 30% or more service-connected disabilities.
  2. Travelling for any sort of treatment which was caused due to being in service or for any scheduled compensation.
  3. Receiving veteran’s pension or travelling for pension related examinations.
  4. Veterans whose income does not exceed the maximum VA pension rate.

Travel Reimbursement by Mileage

The mileage is reimbursed at 41.5 cents per mile. However, there is a deduction of $6.00 for each round trip and $3.00 for one way.

The maximum deduction possible is $18.00 after which there are no deductions for the entire month. The deductible mileage reimbursement can be waived if the veteran is on VA pension or travelling for a pension examination or scheduled compensation or is meeting some income levels defined by VA.

VA Pension Program

The war time veterans who are 65 years or older and have served at least 90 days in duty and at least 1 day in war time fall under this program. They also should not have been discharged under any dishonorable circumstances. They would have limited income and not able to work.

In addition to the above, as per the VA program, the disabled veterans are also provided good Insurance and Employment benefits.

Insurance Benefits

The VA is responsible to ensure that the veterans receive all those benefits as they were receiving while in service.

They ensure that they are eligible for life insurance, medical insurance and all disability compensations.

They advise that it may be best if the veteran goes for a medical checkup 120 days prior to getting relieved from service. This will ensure they do not have any particular issue relating to their disability compensation.

Besides these benefits, the VA also ensures that disabled veterans get suitable re-employment.

Employment & Training

After leaving military, it may be important to get another job and to move into the civil life. VETS (Veteran’s Employment & Training Service) has been formed to assist the veterans to get trained and get an appropriate job. They also protect the employment and re-employment rights for veterans. They also assist the employers in sourcing appropriate candidates for relevant jobs.

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