Who we are

There are times when the war time disabled elite veterans might have difficulty in getting their compensations cleared from the government.

There can be many reasons for this.

Difficult Process:

It could be strong financial need, mental, physical or even emotional condition which might make things difficult. Sometimes it could be due to lack of knowledge of the processes, some assumptions, information from media or other veterans. Sometimes it could even be dealing with the bureaucracy, the long delays or heavy rules & regulations. Some things that appear clear and easy may not actually be such.

 It could be really difficult considering the disability situation that the veteran might be undergoing. It is already not easy to get used to this new life and on the top of it, things are made even more difficult to get the compensations due to them.

Legal Requirements:

It can also be quite challenging and frustrating to deal with large organizations and their legal requirements. Unnecessary examinations, records and paper work might add on to the slowing down of the process of getting added benefits.

These legal requirements can be very confusing and time consuming.  Every veteran is not legally literate. Sometimes, there are legal documents from the VA office which the veteran may need to go through.  It is of course understood that VA has many applications to clear. But that is no reason why the due to a disable veteran gets delayed.

Who do you need?

If you are still in service and planning to get out or are already out of service, in light of the above circumstances, you will probably need an attorney to represent you.  This will not only save you time but also the agony of chasing the government for the benefits you so rightly deserve.

Why Us?

We are a legal firm specializing in veteran benefits and representing the elite veterans day in and day out. We have years of experience of handling such cases. Our firm has handled more than 500 such cases and has helped many veterans get their claims settled.

Our attorneys are experts in military and veterans’ disability benefits laws, and they are qualified to handle disability cases. This ensures that every service member and veteran whom they serve receives top notch legal representation. They can represent you in all legal formalities required for clearing your claims.

If you are tired of running around for getting your compensations and benefits and need us to help you, please contact us. We are just a call away.